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Quicks Net Consulting Services
Solar PV business and project development, solar products sourcing, sales channel, marketing plan for solar PV and solar thermal/cooling solutions, technology evaluation
At Quicks Net Consulting, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  
Solis state lighting, lighting design, energy efficiency 
Desalination, SWRO, BWRO, water filtration and purification, waste water treatment
Waste Regeneration
Solid waste treatment, recovery, recycle, regenerate (tire, sludge, oil waste)
Device packaging, failure analysis, business/manufacturing process optimization, analytical troubleshooting, supplier strategy, ASIC design
Project and Equipment Financing
Provide financing assistance and funding for renewable energies, greentech, cleantech, healthcare, education projects; short-term and long-term funding, investment-grade asset acquisition